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Operator and writer : Stuti Paul Singh

Let us build the fourth pillar of our Indian Democracy stronger. The aim of this website is to let the readers know about the current events happening across the country in a precise cum well researched manner. This is solely an Opinion page. But is completely based upon the reports from verified sources. Even the name and links of the sources would be provided if necessary for the viewers' convenience and individual research and analysis. 



Gujarat's ASHA Workers' Protest At Jantar Mantar, Delhi

नमस्कार ! नहीं मैं रवीश कुमार नहीं , पर यदि आप टीवी पर आने वाली प्राइम टाइम डिबेट्स में अभी भी रूचि रखते है तो ये ज़रूर पढ़े क्यूंकि ज़ाहिर...

Breaking Bondages!

Each one has a story to share Truth about their world to unravel A thought provoking message to address to the society, Something that we...


I'm the one you won't find pretty much under the mainstream media coverage usually. I'm a small human who comes from a large community...