Breaking Bondages!

Each one has a story to share

Truth about their world to unravel

A thought provoking message to address to the society,

Something that we should have heard

But something that our presumptions didn't let us hear.

Belief silenced their truth

Negligence closed the doors of their world to that of ours

Where were they

Where are they

Where will they be in future

Who knows ?

Even they, who they are, have no clue of their next station to hault at.

So close your eyes to feel the aroma of their lands

Open the eyes of your heart instead to discover

They come from somewhere very close to our lands

But far away from our world.

We know what we know about them is minuscule

We pile up the veil of ignorance

Thinking about the caste barriers

Still ridden with the mindset, "what if the society even disapproves to accept us too anymore."

Alas! our silence silences them to the world they need to see

To the world they deserve to be in.

Break the bonds of stereotypical endorsements,

Beauty comes from within, speak up against power to ensure justice

Its either now, or never

Its either now or never.

Pic. Credits: Tribal cultural heritage In India Foundation.

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