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You were having a great day since morning but suddenly your door bell rings .You open the door and a police officer comes to your house looking for you. You are asked to cooperate with the police on some matter because they are seeking for some information regarding a terrorist attack that happened recently. You know nothing about it. You are a divorcee with a kid to take care of. You lost your job a couple of days ago, have a huge debt to repay and have become so poor that you can't afford to buy even a single meal for your infant kid. Things become worse than ever for you now ,you ended up in jail without even knowing what exactly have you done. You are terrified for leaving your infant kid all alone at home. You recall that today was the day to pay the rent and debts to the landlady and other moneylenders, your kid is in serious danger now. But the police isn't ready to leave you.

They believe that you are a member of some ABC terror group working as an agent for some X country and you were responsible for a terror attack that happened recently in a town miles away from your city. The next episode that happens is the worst nightmare ever for anybody . You have no contacts you aren't a star kid nor a politician that you can avail for lawyers or media to cover this injustice. Finally you end up being in the police custody for months. No phone calls, messages nothing is allowed. The most heinous police custodial torture begins now, the policemen locked you up in a room that more or less looks like a concentration camp. A policeman comes closer to you pulls out a bottle of some EFG Oil- prescribed for pain relief but in this interrogation cum concentration camp like room of the Anti Terrorist Squad , the oil was not being used as per the directions of the Pharma Limited, but as a tool in the war on terror. The team forcefully threatens you to remove your clothes and thrust a tube into your rectum and injects the oil into your whole body. Your body is on fire, you start to jump in pain. After immense amount of torture you finally give up. and made a statement that you were being tortured to make. You know that you were wrongfully framed but you are finally released on grounds like you won't inform a lawyer, politician, media or anybody regarding what happened. You accept that rather than fighting back against the injustice thinking how you have a kid to take care of . Considering the fact that things might change now that you are out and almost alive.

But Everyone looks down on you even if you are released after immense torture . You have no hopes of living a normal life ever. Your kid is already dead because you had nobody to take care of him. And one day you commit a suicide.

I am not trying to frighten you or something. Illegal police custodies have led to deaths due to immense amount of torture, denial or lack of medical treatment and inhumane conditions and often leading to suicides. Worst out of all these is when someone was paying for somebody else's crimes. Every official knows that you were innocent but alas, you were a victim of fake frame up. You ended up dying because the officials faced immense political pressure. They had to wrap up the case somehow . So they went to an extent of creating false narratives that catered to the beliefs and agendas of the ruling governance. Thousands are denied their basic fundamental rights ,media coverage is only given to the dignitories with the Jhadu in their hands while in custody just to print the latest updates on the front page of some so called most trusted newspapers. These people especially from the vulnerable sections of the society face police brutality even though we know that they are innocent . Nevertheless, even in grave cases of custodial deaths a complete violation of Section 176 is observed. In 2019-20, on an average ,5 persons died per day while in custody. (data from MHA) A total of 348 died and 1,189 tortured in police custody in 2018-19, 20 .. that is what the home ministry said.

(imagine the actual number yourself)

As a matter of fact you won't even realise the gravity of the situation. Some X informant would report framing someone recklessly without evidence ending up indirectly murdering that person or rather the forebearers of justice end up being the warriors of scheming and injustice. These informants are today found in each and every corner of the country. Whether you talk about cases of mob lynching , a raid on cruise allegedly being accused of conducting a drug party or a matter of breaching the very spirit of the Indian Culture. These so called informants are found everywhere.

We the Citizens as silent spectators either choose to speak or choose to silence the ones who have already been silenced by the system. This trap widens every day, every month or rather every year. We end up either speaking for the injustice caused or simply look up for options where we can flee to somewhere else. Away from these flaws in the system. Away from what we need to see and hear.

But what about the ones entangled by this silent coup?

What do we hope to unravel as mere citizens?

This article is based on the book : The Silent Coup by Josy Joseph.

Read more for statistical information:

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