I’m the one you voted for

I made a law I couldn’t implement

I made a framework I couldn’t work according to

I strived hard to reach to the core of the very power and might that I always wanted to achieve

Struggling to be the first in the very race that I stood for.

I couldn’t go far away with my tricks

I already be fooled tons of them


Politicizing religion

Dividing people on the basis of caste creed gender religion and race and blah blah

Be it Hindus be it Muslims be it Sikhs be it Christians

Or be it any other community at all

I used them all for my own gain

I am corrupt, corrupt beyond your imagination

I care for you, care for you? oh gosh, what a joke

I didn’t know it would be that easy to reach there where I really am today.

Be it rape, be it child marriage be it the migrants be it the unemployed youth, be it the warriors, or be the victims of the pandemic be it the oppressed proletariat in Marx’s world

I conquered them all

I defeated them all

I suppressed them all

But sufficed them none.

In the name of democracy, I crushed them all.

I didn’t get a ticket from my own party, so I switched to another to give it my all.

I couldn’t convince the voters with my work so I bought them all.

I couldn’t give a valid reason to how I came in power thus, I silenced them all.

I silenced the one who is reading this,

I silenced the one who is showing this,

I silenced the one who is writing this,

And I silenced them all.

I may come over for a walk,

You might see just get a glimpse of mine during elections.

Because I come, I stay, I flee away, I flee away so soon.

But wait, wait,

I’ll come back, come back to make those false promises over and over again.

Because yes, after all, I’m the politician you and I voted for.

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