Hey peers, I really want you guys to know about this amazing investigative journalist in India ,P. Sainath. If today any how India has any research papers and insights about what's happening with the rural Indian which accounts for almost 49-50% of the population completely left uncovered and untouched by the mainstream Indian media. Its all thanks to this man and his team something called the People's Archive Of Rural India. With a motto of " JOURNALISM IS FOR PEOPLE, NOT FOR SHAREHOLDERS" he truly devotes all his funding in fact the prize money he gets for doing an amazing research to help India get insights about the "ONES WHO HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND" just to make this in account for the Indian National's Conscious. With views like I quote "if the Indian press was busy covering the top five percent, I should cover the bottom 5 percent".

Away from the eyes of many he did a long decade of research for writing a book called EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD DROUGHT to give 70+ reports of the actual effects of govt. initiatives in rural India. With no extra spice added to the story but crisp and clear straight from what the people truly address. Though he has received like a lot of awards the latest one he got is called the FUKOKA PRIZE. I admire a few more who have done a great job in this field so far till date but someone like him is completely a distinguished face. Even the Author of famous work, Home in the World and of course the noble laureate economist Amartya Sen called him "one of the world's great experts on famine and hunger"

Since grade 6 , I only knew about Ravish Kumar, but as far as I'm growing more in this field I'm coming across these amazing journalists who are like a must read for all bmm and bajmc students specially .He is a true inspiration to me to pursue journalism, If today there are multiple reasons to think that investigative journalism is not possible in India under such a sold out media. Then only true Journalists like him help me to continue that drive to become something like him. If you like his description I would suggest you to definitely read his book too which I mentioned earlier .

Thanks !

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