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I'm the one you won't find pretty much under the mainstream media coverage usually.

I'm a small human who comes from a large community larger than you ever expected or knew.

I was called a "Jihadi", "terrorist", "anti-national"," Khalistani "and a lot more just because I fought for my rights.

I was even allegedly mowed to death by a minister's son's car.

Mercilessly left out in the cold by the Govt. I voted for.

I came from Punjab,Haryana,UP

And raised my voice from almost every corner of the country.

Sat on the borders near the capital of India, hoping to be heard, hoping to be understood to get the justice I fought for over an year.

I fought from all hateful narratives built against me by every possible person in power, be it a politician or a celebrity or some media persons, I was spared by none.

My 'Long Walk For Justice'was immensely dynamic. I lost 600+ fellowmates, those who supported my cause were even arrested.

For multiple times the Jawaan and I the Kisaan had to be on the opposite side for this long walk of Justice.

Finally I was noticed by the Highest Court.

But for all this time,

I still gave you the bread you eat.

I have finally reached the end of this Long Walk For Justice.

Awaiting to be heard fully .

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